5 Reasons Why Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, and Other Creative Professionals Should Write Poetry


Writing poetry isn’t something that should remain for poets alone. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals can all benefit from penning their own poems.

Here are 5 reasons why artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals should write poetry:

1. Open Your Creative Mind

Inspiration, new techniques, and fresh insights can all come to you while writing poetry. It can open your creative mind up to new avenues which can spark ideas and inspiration for all areas of your work.

2. Find Your Voice

If you’re looking for your creative identity – whether you’re starting out or have been working for years – the stripped-down and raw nature of poetry can help you find your true and natural voice as an artist.

3. Express What You Normally Cannot Express

Poetry can allow you to express things that you may not be able to express in your normal medium and/or it can help you express things in a way that you’re unable to in the ways in which you normally create.

Use this opportunity to reach into areas that you haven’t been able to connect with before.

4. Builds Your Creative Muscles

Writing poetry isn’t easy – at least writing good poetry isn’t easy. That’s why it’s a great way to exercise your creative muscles. It pushes you and forces you to use your artistic mind in new, refined, and expanded ways.

5. Keep Your Creativity Fresh

No matter what you do, doing it consistently can get stale. And so can your work. Dabbling in another medium can keep your creativity and output fresh.

Poetry differs enough from most other artistic forms – yet accessible enough (in that you don’t need special equipment, etc.) – to give your creativity a sometimes well-needed shake.

Are you someone in another artistic discipline that writes poetry?

We’d love to hear about what you write, why you write, and how it helps your other creative work in the comments below!

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0 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, and Other Creative Professionals Should Write Poetry

  • Phyllis Schwartz

    lots of times there are sparks that fly from these prompts and pokes, but i do not see an on-line community where these ideas are shared. sometimes i want to contribute, but would like to see where they might end up if i share and/or participate. with thanks/ps

  • Desirée Ossandon Post author

    Hi Phyllis!

    Thank you so much for your comment! We have people who contribute their ideas through comments here on the posts, on the CAC members’ area (http://canadaartsconnect.com/activity-3/), or over our social media — but I would love if we could get this community more active.

    Please feel free and encouraged to contribute if interested. We’d love to connect!

    Thanks again!

  • Diana Nazareth

    I teach photography workshops for kids that has a poetry-writing component inspired by photos they’ve taken in class. It’s inspiring to watch kids create poems…they’re still at an age where they’re not worried about being judged on the caliber of their writing. They just want to express themselves. They’ve encouraged me to write poems on a more consistent basis!

  • Adam Tenove

    Think I can relate an example of the benefits of a medium like poetry. you see, unintentionally I write in my sketch book wayyyyyy more than I draw. I thought that a bit weird as a visual artist and chummed it up to the fact my ideas would come in surges and I didn’t have time to draw it if I forgot it…or something like that. But this article has made me re-evaluate that. I argue you don’t have to aim for poetry even because just writing makes concepts flow. Ive noticed more emotive passages are rather poetic, some are the start of a story, picking choice lines gives me mysterious lyrics, other concepts have become entire essays for my blog and often key lines feed my inspiration for a painting. I offer that the strength of poetry/writing comes from its transmutability among all mediums.