Curator: A New iPad App for Designers and Visual Thinkers


Are you looking for more apps geared towards your creative nature? Here’s a cool one that’s come along: Curator.

Curator app is a fast and visual tool for creative thinking, tailor made for the iPad. Collect and see your thoughts regardless of whether they are websites, text or images.

From the first fragments of an idea to presentation with one thoroughly modern tool for the creative process. []

You can visit websites and view your images in text all in a “completely visual interface” and you can easily access information from your Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and other social media accounts. This allows you to keep all of your projects together to make them more manageable in a way that works better for visual thinkers and those in visual/creative lines of work.

Curator 3

It’s essentially a new visual productivity app, also known as a ‘moodboard for ideas’. It unites all your content, no matter the format, into a visual interface. [Design Milk]

Check out this quick look at Curator:

You can find out more about Curator on its website or you can download it free from the app store.

* Via Design Milk.