Angry Birds Movie Will Be Made In Vancouver

Angry Birds 2

The immensely popular Angry Birds will now be a full-length feature-film with Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver being “the primary animation house.”

“It was very important for Rovio [Angry Birds’ creator] to find the perfect partner — in style, talent and location — to bring the Angry Birds movie to life, and Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver made that decision easy.” [CBC News]

The original Angry Birds game was released as an app in 2009 and remains the “number one paid app of all time … with over two billion downloads.” [Imageworks]

It is now an international brand branching into licensing (toys, clothes, etc.), entertainment, and publishing. The movie is the next step in taking that brand further.

Randy Lake, executive vice president and general manager of digital production services, said in an email that the opportunity means the company will be hiring the most artists it has ever had to work on an animated feature in Vancouver.

The Angry Birds movie is scheduled to be released in July 2016.

Take a peek at a preview of Angry Birds Toons, the animated series:

* Story via CBC News.

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  • Alivia Levi

    Hi, I was curious if you knew when auditions for The Angry birds movie is? I can’t seem to find any auditioning info about it. I’m interested in auditioning for voice roles. Thanks