Man Gets a Tattoo Created By a Monkey [includes video]

Jan Schekauski monkey tattoo

Tattoos may not be as taboo as they were in the past and with so many people inking their skin, finding a unique design can be a little tricky. One man has worked around this by deciding to let a monkey make its mark on him…permanently.

…Jan Schekauski the human crawls around on the floor while Dasha the rhesus macaque crawls around on his back. Also, Dasha has paint all over his or her little monkey-hands, and so Jan gets paint all over his back. Then, Jan gets a tattoo of the marks Dasha made. Why? Because “human dignity is inviolable,” according to the text Schekauski gets tattooed below the paint splatters. [Animal]

Check out the video below to see the animal inking in action.