Italy Lets Citizens Vote (via Facebook) on Which Art to Save

d L'Arte Auita L'Arte

If you were asked to decide which works of art should be saved and which should be sacrificed, how would you make the decision? Italian citizens are being asked to do just that.

As the “cash-strapped” nation attempts to preserve its “enormous art heritage” it has accepted that it cannot save everything, so through a program called L’Arte Aiuta L’Arte (Art Helping Art) its public is being asked to decide – via a Facebook vote – which works should be considered a priority.

Here’s how it works: The government selected eight pieces of art from across Italy deemed to be in need of repair, ranging from an ancient Roman marble horse to a painting by Renaissance master Pietro Perugino. Then, it posted pictures of them on Facebook, and asked people to vote for the work they felt was most deserving of a fix-up. The work that draws the most clicks wins… [NPR]

How would you decide what was to be saved and what wasn’t? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!

* Image of  L’Arte Aiuta L’Arte (Art Helping Art) via NPR from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism via Facebook.

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