Beethoven’s Sketchbook Page Expected to Sell For $200,000+

Ludwig van Beethoven Lot 855 - RR Auction

A rare page from Beethoven’s sketchbook is expected to bring in over $200,000 at RR Auctions in Amherst, N.H. later this month.

The page was torn from the musician’s sketchbook (“possibly in 1821…while composing the ‘Missa Solemnis“) and carried in his pocket in order to add new ideas while he was out for walks.

The page, in ink with pencil additions, is believed to date from around 1820, and is devoted mainly to ideas for the Sanctus section of the “Missa Solemnis,” with fragments of the Benedictus and Gloria as well. The manuscript includes some striking differences from the finished version. At the time, Beethoven was thinking of the Sanctus as a movement in 3/4 time (three beats to the bar). The finished version is in 2/4 (two beats to the bar). [New York Times]

Find out more about Beethoven’s page over on the New York Times.

* Image from Ludwig van Beethoven Lot #855, RR Auction

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