5 Unusual Places to Find Inspiration

Looking for inspiration? We can help!

Looking for inspiration? We can help!

Do you need to refill the creative well and want somewhere new to do it? Creative folks often find inspiration in unusual places, but there are a few more you might not have considered.

Here are 5 unusual places to find inspiration:

1. Your Mail

Who knows how much longer we might have mail delivery, but until then you can use the post to inspire some creative ideas.

Who did you receive mail from? Any postcards or letters from friends/family? Any bills? Consider what circumstances could have made that bill extravagantly higher or incredibly lower. Did you get any magazines? Do the feature articles spark any inspiration? Any mail that was unexpected or unusual?

You never know what you might find in your mailbox.


2. Facebook

Among the pictures of friends’ babies and cats there are usually a few dramas playing out on Facebook. Watch for touchy posts and check out the comments – especially if there’s a lot of them. There’s no need to get involved yourself, but you never know when the online drama might inspire some artistic drama.

3. Your Fridge and Cupboards

What kind of food do you have in your fridge and cupboards? How are you going to prepare and eat it? Where did you buy it? Where did it originally come from? How would it have travelled to the store/market/vendor where you bought it? Who might have made/packaged/picked it? How was it made/grown?

Ask these questions and any others that come to mind and jot down any interesting answers you come up with that might lead to an inspired idea.

cupboard contents

4. Your Decor

Ask yourself many of the same questions as in number 3. Where did the items in your space come from? Did you buy certain items and were others given to you? Who made them? Why do you have them where you do? What would happen if you lost/broke something?

Bringing back memories of how you collected the items that decorate your home/office/studio can lead to ideas worth exploring artistically.

5. Vintage and Second-hand Stores

Scanning the shelves of vintage shops and second-hand stores can be a treasure-trove of inspiration. Items from times past can lead your mind in all kinds of directions. Vintage styles, archaic technology, and items once loved by others are just a few ways these places can bring new creative ideas to mind.

Do you ever find inspiration in unusual places? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

* Looking image by Orlando Pinto. Mail image by sanja gjenero. Cupboard image by unknown.