The Artist Project 2013

Andrew Briggs, Downtown Vancouver


The grand idea to create a professional art fair in Toronto for independent artists came about six years ago. The goal was to establish an interesting program that would engage artists (90 artists showcased their work in 2008) and art enthusiasts. This year, The Artist Project features 250 juried contemporary artists with an expected audience of over 10, 000 people at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

From the Faces Competition, a mixed media battle in which artists were asked to submit a work based on the 2013 theme of “faces”, to the relaunch of the Video Art Box, highlighting the work of digital and media artists, as well as the Installation Zone, featuring large-scale conceptual art, Toronto has become an art mecca over these few short days.

Given the success of The Artist Project in previous years, the expectation of seeing (and engaging with) intriguing paintings, sculptures, installations and photographic works is guaranteed. However, just as interesting as the work is what is happening on the peripheral of the art fair.

Art Chats, Art Outing Tours and, new this year, Uptown/Downtown Hotel Art Tours will offer enthusiasts a unique opportunity to discover new artists, mediums and the process in which artwork is created. Art Chats will examine topics such as “Art as Investment?” and “Material Matters and the End of Photography”, while Art Exhibition Tours will lead guests on an adventure through the show (with a glass of wine for added fun). The Uptown/Downtown Hotel Art Tour meets on-site at The Better Living Centre which then travels off-site, offering visitors an exclusive look inside the private art collections of the Shangri-La Hotel and The Hazelton Hotel.

The Artist Project runs February 21 Р24, 2013 at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto. For more info and online tickets, visit 

Check out the opening night party pictures and some featured artwork below.

pink faceladies laughingartistArt Lounge

Carlo Allion

Artwork by Carlo Allion

Maureen Paxton

Artwork by Maureen Paxton

Xiaojing Yan

Artwork by Xiaojing Yan

Rick Lapointe

Sculpture by Rick Lapointe

Sandra Di Leo

Artist, Sandra Di Leo

Harry Enchin TorontoTIME

Artwork by Harry Enchin

Sam Shuter

Artwork by Sam Shuter