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Canadian Arts Jobs – 08/10/12
August 10, 2012
film 1


Yesterday I mentioned an old co-worker of mine who couldn’t understand why I would read a book multiple times. When I tried to explain, I compared it with re-watching favourite movies, which he couldn’t understand either. 

I asked what books you re-read, but today I’d love to know…

What movies do you watch over and over again?

It would be great to see your answers in the comments below. But first, be sure to check out the awesome list of job opportunities I have for you today.

Have a wonderful day!



Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, PEI


Senior Switch Planner – EastLink (Halifax, Nova Scotia)





Technical Director (Post-Production Media) - CBC (Montreal, Quebec)


Advanced Maintenance Technician (Media Infrastructure) – CBC (Montreal, Quebec)

Advanced Maintenance Technician (Media Infrastructure) - CBC (Montreal, Quebec)

Advanced Maintenance Technician (Media Infrastructure) - CBC (Montreal, Quebec)







Fashion Designer – Women’s Designer Collection – Lida Baday (Toronto, Ontario)


Executive Producer - Winter Olympic Games (Sports Programming) - CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Interactive Art Director – ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. (Toronto, Ontario)


Assistant to the Production Director - The National Ballet of Canada (Toronto, Ontario)


DEVELOPMENT OFFICER INDIVIDUAL GIVING - Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, Ontario)


Community Participation Coordinator - Young People’s Theatre (Toronto, Ontario)


Call Centre Manager - Canadian Opera Company (Toronto, Ontario)


Java Developer (Media Operations and Technology) - CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Media Librarian (Media Operations & Technology) - CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Content Coordinator Intern, Digital - ASTRAL MEDIA INC. (Toronto, Ontario)


Social Media and Marketing Intern – The Gift Network (Toronto, Ontario)


Social Media Intern - Piccsy (Toronto, Ontario)


Outside of Toronto


Master Control Operator – CPAC (Ottawa, Ontario)


Product Distribution Sales Manager - TMGTV Inc – Torstar Media Group Television (Hamilton, Ontario)


New Media Website Content Coordinator – Corus Radio London | Woodstock – Interactive (Woodstock / London, Ontario)




Proofreader (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario)





Online Producer – Digital Drum – APTN – ABORIGINAL PEOPLES TELEVISION NETWORK (Winnipeg, Manitoba)


Reporter-Editor (English Services) – CBC (Brandon, Manitoba)





Ballet Instructor - Saskatchewan Express (Regina, Saskatchewan)


Touring Musical Revue performer - Saskatchewan Express (Regina, Saskatchewan)





None today. Sorry!



British Columbia


Senior Graphic Designer / Staff Lead – CH2M HILL (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Technical Director - Vancouver Opera (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Finance Officer - CircusWest Performing Arts Society (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Graphic Designer – Outset Media (Victoria, British Columbia)



Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon Territory


None today. Sorry!



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  1. I love re-watching movies and reading books over too! LOL.
    I love re-watching:

    Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Love Actually, Dear John
    The Holiday, The Losers, The Tourist, Ever After, Burlesque, A Good Year, The Other Boleyn Girl, Jane Eyre and others. Some movies are just classics. :)

  2. Beauty and the Beast … some of the best voice acting in a Hollywood movie.
    And De Lovely. Its a beautiful film. I love the music but also, every time I watch it, the relationship between Cole and Linda changes ever so slightly.
    And Happy Feet. Its just so darn … happy!

    (I clearly like movies with lots of music.)

  3. “84 Charing Cross Road” — so much so that I’ve memorized chunks of it. Stars Anne Bancroft, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dame Judith Dench. Based on real correspondence between New York author Helene Hanff (played by Bancroft) and Frank Doel, manager of Marks and Co., an antiquarian bookshop at that address in London, UK, between 1949 and 1969. Quiet, gentle, funny, moving.

  4. Crossroads, Tombstone, Grease…(don’t say it) and All Disney and animated movies.

  5. Thelma & Louise; The Life of David Gale; Seven; Silence of the Lambs; The Virgin Suicides; Seven Pounds; The Gift; Brokedown Palace … and a few more

  6. … rarely reread books,

    but just did so this week – McGilchrist’s : The master and his emissary

    significant ideas for art’s historical shifts in focus and intent

  7. Pretty in Pink, The Fifth Element, and Clueless.

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