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CAC Updates
Weekly Round-Ups
Canadian Arts Jobs – 06/20/12
June 20, 2012
1st Line - Kurt Rostek

“1st Line” by CAC Member Kurt Rostek (@artguy)
[Want to see your art here? Click here for more info.]


I’m getting business cards done up for the CAC team and will readily admit that designing them is not my strong suit. I’ll definitely be calling in some help.

Have you seen any really great business card designs?

What are some tips that you keep in mind when designing yours?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section. And of course, be sure to also check out the great opportunities below.

Have a wonderful day!


Speech Arts & Drama Instructors - Opus Academy (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Evening News Announcer – CHQR AM 770 (Calgary, Alberta)


Multimedia Sports Journalist - Calgary Sun (Calgary, Alberta)


Video-Journalist - CBC (Grand Falls, New Brunswick)

Video-Journalist (French Services) – CBC (Sudbury, Ontario)


Reporter / Photographer – METRO HALIFAX (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


Reporter-Editor (French Services) – Position #1 - CBC (Sudbury, Ontario)

Reporter-Editor (French Services) – Position #2 – CBC (Sudbury, Ontario)

Reporter-Editor, Society and Culture (French Services) - CBC (Sudbury, Ontario)

Reporter-Editor (French Services-regional) - CBC (Regina, Saskatchewan)


Editor (Magazine) – RGM Inc. (Rive Gauche Media Inc.) (Toronto, Ontario)


Associate Editor - RGM Inc. (Rive Gauche Media Inc.) (Toronto, Ontario)

Associate Editor – GLOBAL MARKETING COMPANY LTD (Mississauga, Ontario)


Multimedia Copy Editor / Designer – Calgary Sun (Calgary, Alberta)


Graphic Designer - Outcrop Nunavut (Iqaluit, Nunavut)


Graphic Artist / Designer – PBI – PRINTING BY INNOVATION INC. (Hamilton, Ontario)


Web Producer – CTV Two Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta)


eBook Producers – ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. (Toronto, Ontario)


I.T. Manager – Channel Zero Inc. (Toronto / Hamilton, Ontario)


Assistant Executive Director/Program Coordinator - Prince Albert Multicultural Council (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan)


Advertising Sales Executive - RGM Inc. (Rive Gauche Media Inc.) (Toronto, Ontario)


Ticket Sales Agent - Arts Club Theatre Company (Vancouver, British Columbia)





Design Intern - Malene Grotrian Design (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Marketing Intern - Malene Grotrian Design (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Sponsorship Intern – TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Toronto, Ontario)


Administrative Intern – Canadian Stage (Toronto, Ontario)

  1. Hey! I personally love to use MOO. They are fabulous. And they have a huge selection to choose from, or you can design your own. I have quite a few friends who use them. They also provide mini cards if you prefer to have something smaller with you too. Hope that helps!

  2. I’ve usually created my own on Word. LOL…I’m such a techie! But, I’ve been thinking about getting some artist’s trader cards. Have you ever used those?

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Kristina & Kelly!

    Kelly, artist trader cards definitely sound like an interesting idea. I’d love to hear what you think if you go ahead.

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