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CAC Updates
Weekly Round-Ups
Canadian Arts Jobs – 06/15/12
June 15, 2012
How the Sun Stays in the Sky… by CAC Member Lila Vaccher

“How the Sun Stays in the Sky…” by CAC Member Lila Vaccher (@lilyart)
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I tried to take some time off yesterday after weeks of pushing myself too hard and too far. Relaxing doesn’t always come easy for me and when I know there’s work to do, I can’t seem to chill out at all. What about you?

What are your tips for allowing yourself the proper downtime?

How do you get yourself to relax?

Have a wonderful day!



Education and Marketing Assistant – Roseneath Theatre (Toronto, Ontario)


Instructor – Film and Video Production – SAIT Polytechnic’s School of Information and Communications Technologies (Calgary, Alberta)


Instructional Assistant, Journalism – LANGARA COLLEGE (Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey,Vancouver, British Columbia)


Music Teacher - Prodigy Piano (Oakville, Ontario)


Graphic Designer (Montreal, Quebec)

Senior Graphic Designer (Ottawa, Ontario)


Art Production Coordinator – TC Media (Toronto, Ontario)


Swing Announcer – CKWS-FM / CFMK-FM (Kingston, Ontario)


Multimedia Sports Journalist – Calgary Sun (Calgary, Alberta)


Content Editor (Toronto, Ontario)


Custom Publishing Editor / Project Manager – Contempo Media (Toronto, Ontario)


Project Manager (Digital Operations) – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Production Manager - Rick Chisholm Productions (Toronto, Ontario)


Producer – English Radio – CBC (St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador)


Producer (French Services) – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


New Media Specialist 1 – tvokids.com (Toronto, Ontario)


Film/Multi-Media Asst. - Ottawa Little Theatre (Ottawa, Ontario)


Managing Director - Workman Arts Project of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario)


Coordinator, Industry Programming - Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)


Festival Coordinator – The Bridge Festival - Scarborough Arts (Scarborough, Ontario)


Corporate Development Associate - GVA (Calgary, Alberta)


Development Associate, Governors Council - Shaw Festival Theatre (Niagara on the Lake, Ontario)


Assistant to Executive Director and Resource Development Team - PAL Theatre Society (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Office Assistant – Curatorial - Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Event Specialist - Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, British Columbia)




Senior Manager, Publicity (Communications/Marketing & Brand) – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Communications and outreach assistant - Documentary Organization of Canada (Toronto, Ontario)


Consumer Sales Manager – POSTMEDIA NETWORK – THE STARPHOENIX (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)




Advertising Account Manager – Dovetail Communications Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ontario)


Advertising Representative – Dunnville Chronicle (Dunnville, Ontario)


General Studio Help - James Tse Photography (Toronto, Ontario)


Makeup Artist – Hairdresser – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)




Lead Theatre Technician - Meadowvale Theatre - City of Mississauga (Mississauga, Ontario)


Studio Technician 3, Media Arts - Emily Carr University (Vancouver, British Columbia)

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  1. Relaxing is an extremely hard thing to do, when you are focused on a project.
    If you push yourself too hard, you could exceed your limits…. And by that I am referring
    to putting your body & mind through too much stress. Take your 2×15 minute breaks or 5 minute micro breaks often. Get up and walk around the office or around the block.
    It recharges your creativity, and releases the “feel good” endorphins so that your worries are kept at bay.

  2. I believe that reasonable relaxation is paramount to human health. Simply keeping that in mind allows my conscience to indulge in nothingness when the appropriate chance comes.

    But, when it gets really tough, for me, I go out and appreciate art. Go to the local gallery or theatre, watch an excellent film, ready poetry, or (better yet) walk in the woods. After you’ve finished or the show is over, sit, wait, think about what you just experienced. Set aside the time for that. I find that even though my role isn’t active in these endeavours, I feel like I am still working. Because appreciate art is essential to making it. In this way, the busybody part of me is satisfied, I have accomplished part of my craft. But my brain and body are forced to empty themselves in order to do it properly. Awesome.

  3. Everyone has something, at least one thing, that when they are deprived of it makes them stressed and resentful.

    Once you figure out what that/those things are, do not allow yourself to be denied them. Be it time with your children, good food, swimming, naps what have you.

    Personally, I need time to do NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. One hour every other day or so, and I fell much more refreshed. During that time, I don’t check e-mail, read blogs, do laundry… Nothing. I might watch a movie.

    I also find it quite helpful to allow yourself some working time to step back and look at the big picture. Get your head out of the details. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our to do lists that we can become overwhelmed and burnt out. Seeing the big picture, remembering why you are toiling with the details is very satisfying to me.



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