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CAC Updates
Weekly Round-Ups
Canadian Arts Jobs – 06/13/12
June 13, 2012
wildcard by CAC Member Joshua Vegas

“wildcard” by CAC Member Joshua Vegas (@joshuavegas)
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We have some great job opportunities on the list today as well as more internships than usual. What are your thoughts on internships?

A useful way to gain experience?

Or a way for employers to take advantage of those new to the industry?

Perhaps sometimes it’s one and sometimes it’s the other?

Be sure to leave your thoughts below after you check out the list of jobs (and internships) below.

Have a wonderful day!



Pointe Shoe Fitter Trainee - Canada’s National Ballet School (Toronto, Ontario)

Theatre Instructor - P.A.C.E. Academy for Gifted Children (Richmond Hill, Ontario)


Instructor – Graphic Design Creative Arts Department - Red River College (Winnipeg, Manitoba)


Graphic Design Instructor - CDI College (Edmonton, Alberta)


Music and Arts Teacher Individual Piano Teacher - University Settlement (Toronto, Ontario)


Cameraman (Electronic Journalism) – CBC (St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador)


Mobile Multi-media Journalist – The Edmonton Sun (Edmonton, Alberta)


Reporter/Editor – French Services – CBC (Edmundston, New Brunswick)


Design Editor – Canadian House & Home Media (Toronto, Ontario)


ENG Editor - Group 2, Rogers Sportsnet Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)


ENG SHOOTER/EDITOR – CHAT Television Newsroom (Medicine Hat, Alberta)


Senior Architect – Online Audio and Video (Digital Operations) – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Senior Architect – Social Media (Digital Operations) - CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Solution Architect (Information Technology) – CBC (Montreal, Quebec)

Solution Architect (Information Technology) – Position #1 - CBC (Toronto, Ontario)

Solution Architect (Information Technology) – Position #2 - CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Aboriginal Arts Program Assistant - The Banff Centre (Banff, Alberta)


Administrative Support – Level I (Shared Services) – CBC (Ottawa, Ontario)


Account Manager, Digital Sales (Revenue Group) – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)


Sales Manager – Help We’ve Got Kids (Toronto or Ottawa, Ontario)


Intermediate Accounting Clerk (AP/Payroll) - Accessible Media Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)



Design Intern - Label Clothing Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)


Assistant Designer/Pattern-Maker/Sewer (Intern) - DORLY DESIGNS (Toronto, Ontario)


Marketing & Outreach Intern - Tapestry new opera works (Toronto, Ontario)


Marketing And Social Media Intern - OAK + FORT (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Marketing Associate (Intern) - Vancouver Fashion Week (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Public Relations Representative (Intern) - Vancouver Fashion Week (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Event Planning Representative (Intern) - Vancouver Fashion Week (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Business Development (Intern) - Wear Those Deals (North Vancouver, British Columbia)

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  1. Internships can be valuable for both the intern and the employer, but in the absence of dedicated mentorship and skills training, the intern’s position is merely an exploitative way to get cheap labour. Otherwise the intern’s position is only available to economically privileged youths who can afford to gain valuable work experience for little or no money. I would like to see a program in place that makes sure less advantaged youths have access to the same opportunities as those whose families have money and connections.

  2. The idea of internship is a great one. Unfortunately I’ve noticed many companies whose idea of an internship is really just a job they want to fill for free.

    Lengthy lists of required skills belong on job postings, not internship postings. The whole idea of an internship is to learn WHILE working alongside an established professional, not working alongside an established professional who doesn’t want to pay a full-time employee and expects an intern to walk in the door as prepared as a regular employee would be.

    Ideally I think any internship position should emphasize an interest in the field, a strong work ethic, a desire to learn and perhaps some relevant education. That’s it! The rest is meant to be acquired AT the internship, not before it!!

  3. Internships taught me more than university did. My second day as an intern, 19th century paintings arrived from Paris. When they opened the first crate, I had tears in my eyes. Tears don’t go well with condition checks.

    Yet I do agree that many internships finish with a “Hey, good luck!” instead of a job offer. For many of them you can’t afford applying, unless you live with mum. Whether you are disposable, internships unaffordable or jobs inaccessible, there’s something not totally right there.

    It would be nice if there was more funding available for interns. Governmental, private. It makes a difference. And some sort of guarantee that upon completion of an internship, one would get a job somewhere in the field. Otherwise, what’s the point? That it was “nice”? Talent and experience should be taken care of, not allowed to be wasted.

    Best experience, though.

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