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CAC Updates
Weekly Round-Ups
Canadian Arts Jobs – 05/15/12
Rumination #14 - Patti Agapi

“Rumination #14” by CAC Member Patti Agapi (@pattiagapi
[Want to see your art here? Click here for more info.]


Every day I list great opportunities that could possibly be your next great achievement. But what about before now?

What is your greatest artistic accomplishment?

Landing an amazing job?

Finishing a challenging piece?

Being published?

Selling your work?

Something completely different?

We’d love to hear your answers in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day!


Reporter – Citytv Edmonton (Edmonton, Alberta)


Reporter / Editor (English Radio) – CBC (Grand Falls, New Brunswick)

Reporter- Editor (TV News) - CBC (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Senior Editor – Online - Real Style Network Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)


Associate Assignment Editor – CTV News (Scarborough, Ontario)


Production Artist / Graphic Designer – Mantaray Digital Studios Inc. (Calgary, Alberta)


Graphic Designer - Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (Toronto, Ontario)

Junior/intermediate designer - Fingerprint Communications (Toronto, Ontario)


Design Technician - Naked Boxer Brief Clothing Inc (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Regional Web Developer (Media Operations & Technology) – CBC (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Production Manager - Newcap Television (Lloydminster, Alberta)


Producer (News, English Services) – CBC (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Producer / Director 1 – TVOkids The Space (Toronto, Ontario)


Executive Director - Alberta Music (Calgary, Alberta)


General Manager - Kingston Canadian Film Festival (Kingston, Ontario)


Program Manager – School of Journalism, Ryerson University (Toronto, Ontario)


Director of Circulation – Venture Publishing (Edmonton, Alberta)


Communications Assistant - Canadian Opera Company (Toronto, Ontario)


Digital Marketing Assistant - Canadian Opera Company (Toronto, Ontario)


Marketing Assistant - The Burlington Performing Arts Centre (Burlington, Ontario)


Telephone Marketing Representative - Classical Theatre Project (Toronto, Ontario)


Advertising Sales Executive – Rive Gauche Media Inc (Across Canada)


Network Account Manager – CBC Revenue Group (Toronto, Ontario)


Administrative Specialist (English Services) – CBC (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Consultant, Talent and Labour Contracting (Business Affairs) – CBC (Toronto, Ontario)



Festival Marketing Intern - Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)


Production Intern - Baby Steinberg (Toronto, Ontario)


Fashion Office Internship - The Hudsons Bay Co. (Toronto, Ontario)

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  1. I’m definitely proud of my publications for both my poetry and art. But I’d say Canada Arts Connect is my greatest artistic accomplishment so far :)

  2. ^ Canada Arts is filling in the community gaps, so thank you Desiree!

    I’m proud of my growing network of people that actually *care* about my artistic sensibilities. It’s nice to know I can be appreciated for my creativity :)

  3. Great question to ask today.
    I feel like every one of my “major” accomplishments is immediately followed by an unrelenting desire for the next project or the next step up. I’m always proud of what I’m doing, but almost never in retrospect. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for CAC! :-)

  4. Taelor, great point! I’m proud of that too. Having people care and appreciate our creativity is important and means so much.

    Ciarán, I toootally relate to that unrelenting desire! I suppose it keeps us motivated and moving forward — although it can be a bit much at times, almost overwhelming.

  5. Ja said on May 16, 2012

    You should be very proud! CAC is an absolutely wonderful resource. I’ve been telling everybody I can about it since I discovered it recently. Well done.

  6. Thank you so much, Ja! The support from our community never ceases to amaze and inspire me!

  7. I am most proud of my progress in my artistic career. I am self taught. I am happy that people I don’t know like my work. It is so hard showing your work for the first time. My first exhibit was so scary, but I had nothing to worry about. I am also proud of the progress of my next exhibit which will be for June!

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