Goodbye RubyDog’s Art House

Vancouver, known for its abundance of creativity, has few independent and locally owned shops that focus on fueling crafty inspiration. Sadly, the numbers are about to dwindle further with the closing of RubyDog’s Art House at the end of the summer.

I frequently go to RubyDog’s if I am having a creative block and I always find items that inspire new ideas. I couldn’t possibly list the entire store inventory here but I swear that it is truly a mecca for crafters, selling items like stamps, bottle caps, postcards, vintage cards, maps, and many more items. (My personal favorites are the vintage postcards and transfer foil.)

Leanne Bishop, the owner of the store and of Ruby (the dog), welcomes all her customers with friendly chit-chat and is always bursting with ideas to share with you about the items you are buying. Even if you have no idea what to make, the shop has many possible projects on display!… and she is always willing to share with you her crafty ideas.

Vancouverites probably remember RubyDog’s used to be located just off Main St., however Leanne was forced to close that store in 2008 due to rental increases. Her many customers rejoiced when the store reopened in 2009 at 623 Kingsway (at E. 15th Ave)

Things looked promising, as more local art shops opened along the block and the E.15th Art Strip was voted ‘Best Indie Shopping Street’ in the Georgia Straight‘s 2010 ‘Best of Vancouver’ issue.

However, as much as locals love the store, once again, RubyDog’s just cannot bring in enough revenue to keep it running as smoothly as Leanne would like. So old and new customers, I strongly urge you to stop by and enjoy RubyDog’s Art House before it is gone! I hope the second closing of RubyDog’s reminds people that they need to support their locally owned shops to preserve the uniqueness of its city.

Location and Contact Info
RubyDog’s Art House
623 Kingsway (at E. 15th Ave)
Vancouver, B.C. V5T 3K5

Hours of Inspiration
Monday/Tuesday              Closed
Wednesday – Saturday     11:00 to 5:30
Sunday                                11:00 to 5:00

**RubyDog’s is closed between July 4th to July 13th to restock the shelves one last time.