Baby, You’re A Firework: World Poetry Month is Here

By: Nathaniel G. Moore

BAD BOY! RT @rustyrockets: #altETlyrics: I wanna walk on your pavement, I wanna pee in your basement, Boy you can have my bra. – via Katy Perry’s twitter
If the closest you’ve come to experiencing any facet of poetry so far this month is courtesy of Juno-winning songstress Katy Perry and her hubby Russell Brand doing some lyrical live edits of Katy’s new song with Kayne West ET on twitter, then here are some poetry objects that might welt your pavement so to speak.
What follows are random singular lines (or random acts of poetry) from a bevy of poetry collections you can try to get your hands on this month. Oh and please don’t say the following all month or ever: You’re a poet and you don’t know it, or however that virtriolic rhyme crime goes, just please don’t do it. It is offensive to every poet on earth, alive or dead or unborn.

His soft, amorphous face had turned to mush

From “The Man With Dark Glasses” in the collection Subway Medusa by Clara Blackwood, Guernica, 2007.

Imagining dark trawlers destroying coral reefs my sleep breaks into fragility

From “When From The Back of the Stage Comes a Shout” in the collection “Frenzy” by Catherine Owen, Anvil, 2009 


From “Interlude” in the collection “The Mourner’s Book of Albums” by Daniel Scott Tysdal, Tightrope, 2010

I love conflict like sand in a thong

From “what to do with her heat?” in the collection “been shed bore” by Pearl Pirie, Chaudiere, 2010

the snows of all my pasts sometimes combine

From the poem “Snows” by Maureen McCarthy found in the literary journal Harvest from September 1981 (No. 11)

Blond & shimmering the evening eye twists under strong winds.

From “Permugenesis” by Christopher Dewdney, Nightwood Editions, 1987

My feet dialled the pre-warped floorboards

From “Another Window’s Testimony” in the collection “Wanton” by Angela Hibbs, Insomniac, 2009

In the air we dance and you are of no help

From the poem “Bottle of Beans” from the collection “Demons” by Mat Laporte, Ferno House, 2010

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